Turn Memories Into Treasures

Souvana will have a conversation with you online, you will be in the comfort of your own home. Souvana will ask you about your life, your family, your history. Funny Stories. Big events. The younger generation who might never have met their great grandfather or grandmother will have a sense of them as people, their personality, their sense of humor.

We seldom communicate by written letter anymore, how will your family story be preserved in the digital/social media/texting age? How will your history be documented and preserved?

If you have a particular talent, you can sing a song, play the piano or read your favorite poem. You can leave a special message to individual people.

Souvana will guide you through the session and record it on video to subsequently be stored on a USB flash drive.

An Heirloom Like No Other

This is the Souvana custom box that you will receive. Inside will be a flash drive with your video file. This custom box is the perfect life souvenir for you to keep with your important documents, and it is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Research suggests that today’s young people no longer want antique furniture, silver place settings or china sets as part of their inheritance. They have no space at home and no time to maintain special things.

Souvana’s box can fit into a drawer or take pride of place on a mantlepiece. Younger generations can watch the video and reminisce about family times. Future generations can become acquainted with their family history, what life was like for their ancestors and how world events affected their lives. They will pass it down to their children.

What You Will Need to Use Our Services

  A computer or a tablet or a smart phone.

  The ability to connect to the internet.

  Approximately two hours of your time!

$295 per session, shipping included.

If you have decided that you would like to record a
personal oral history for your family and thereby
create an heirloom like no other, please click on the
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